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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Off the beaten track

Just an average street corner in Dublin 1

Last night I woke up to the sound of Nikolai talking in his sleep, and was struck by the most intense bout of homesickness I have had thus far. My homesickness mainly centred around missing CBC. Which is a tad ridiculous because the CBC is readily available on the Internet. I think though that it was the loss of what the CBC represents to the culture of Canada that I was missing. The RTÉ's content does not appear to be as well developed as the CBC. This is likely due to a lack of budget. The lack of actual Irish content to address our news and weather needs is a bit sad. The best weather information for Ireland is actually provided by a service in Finland. Thank god for the Internet.

Anyways, today we hit Dublin, again, this time intent on finding a bike for me. We've narrowed it down to a Pashley, which would feel very Euro indeed, or the main contender is a Globe. The Pashley may prove to be significantly lower in cost for the skookum components.

Anyways our search for components had us tour Dublin a bit off the beaten track and we found something interesting to please everyone. Lower Camden Street would harken back to the Drive and we felt at home in the Penny Farthing bike shop. We trotted through the Liberty market, an area which I think would satisfy Tom's rugged view of Dublin. Peter (Parrish and Maloff) might enjoy a pint at Dublin's oldest Pub, the Brazen Head (didn't find this one until the end of our day, but definitely high on Brad's list of places to visit on the next trip).

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