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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowy Arrival

Walking in Maynooth

It's still snowing today (the government is meeting again to discuss an action plan for keeping the roads clear) and we've just ordered our computer. So the days of internet at home are coming closer.

Poor little Kolya came down with something European yesterday. He's been feverish and had a fever that peaked at 38.9 C at 3am this morning. The nice thing was that I could actually call my parents without waking them up! (A time-change bonus). According to the BC Health Guide that is only a moderate temperature for a tyke so no dramatic events unfolded other than spending the rest of the night with Mama and Papa.

--This morning we saw someone clearing the sidewalk of snow and ice by dumping hot water on it and sweeping the snow away. We were wondering if it would be impertinant for two Canadians to explain what a zamboni is and exactly how it functions. ;-)



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