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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'Kartoshnaya' (Potato) Tomato

This is pretty cool. My baba Zarikoff gave my mom a slew of her tomato seeds about 15 years ago, which she promptly placed in the freezer. Last year, my mom re-discovered them. Lucky for us, they are still viable! Most (if not all) are apparently heritage seeds brought from Russia when my great-grandparents made the trip over; orange, 'yellow flower', 'Russian' red, and my favorite, at least right now, the 'Kartoshnaya', or 'Potato' tomato (a pic of the spouts are above). This one gets its name from the fact that the leaves apparently look exactly like a potato plant, and causes some discomfort for the uninitiated (seeing a red berry on a potato plant brings back the idea of the original 'deadly Nightshade' plant to some, apparently). Sounds perfect for the community garden :) .

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