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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Overwintered lettuce

Now that we tend to have more days of sun than rain, we've started opening up our cloche full of overwintered lettuce, with a spattering of carrots. The lettuce fared very well, and we should be able to harvest a few heads end of April. The carrots aren't as advanced, but the tops are very well developed. Hopefully the roots suit.

Up at the SFU gardens, I managed to grab another 'sunny' plot. We'll be keeping our 'shady' plot for the year for transition, since our garlics are down there. A few dozen garlic survived the winter, mostly the Russian Softneck. Unfortunately, my experiment with a few varieties of hardneck went bad... I put them in what I assume is too shallow a spot (I thought they would do ok since I succesfully grew Walla Walla onions in the same spot last summer). It didn't work, with half a dozen of them sprouting and proceeding to a very sickly state.

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