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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Welllll.... no rugby game for me, since the fishing trip is gonna probably take a bit longer than anticipated. We'll see, but it's not looking hopefully. But the trip is gonna be sweet! This buddy of mine has a friend on the West coast who is a guide, and he's gonna take us around. Primo!

This past Sunday I went to Hanmer Springs hotsprings. It was soooo nice... unique too, since they have like 6 different temperature pools, and you can REALLY tell the difference! Went there at night, so it was slightly foggy; the best for hot springs eh?

Well, coming near the end! I leave ChCh on next Friday morning (the 30th). Back to where the sun is!

Already got a trip planned to visit Dina and Ben, Mom and Dad, and Meesh, Fred and TJ. Kinda fly by wire, but it's on the long weekend, 1 day in the loops, 3 nights in the Gar and lunch or dinner in Kelowna, probably not the night, but our options are open. Emillie, me, and two of my lab mates from SFU are on the plate right now.

That's nuff right now...

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