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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

On Saturday, I was cycling to Akaroa in my bike shorts and shirt in beautiful, 15+ deg weather. Today I cycled into work in rain, freezing my hands, at 3 deg. Weather systems here are quite fickle!
Yeah, last weekend, a friend of mine and myself cycled from Christchurch to Akaroa to stay on Sat. night. Awesome ride. Was a little drizzly on Sunday for our ride back, but bearable. The Summit Road is highly recommended on a clear day... the bay (if that's what it is called, don't remember) where Akaroa and Duvachelle are located is amazing, and the road also pops in behind some hills to get a view North and East of the ocean. Unreal... I'll have some pics to post when I develop them (no digital cam anymore!).

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