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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Not much going on at the moment. I will be posting a few more pictures from mine and Emillies trips during xmas and a bunch from an afternoon I spent in the Port Hills.
Still looking for possible cheap tickets to Brisbane Dina, but even the corporate discount I can get through work is at $400 (plus I can't use it until I after mid-March, which isn't much good, eh?).
Claire, Emillie's sister, should be arriving in ChCh somewhere around March 20th. That'll be fun. Otherwise, I might take a long weekend in Wellington to say I spent some time on the North Island. Plane tickets are around $55 one way if you go during the week. Not too bad! So if I don't go to Brisbane, I'll be visiting Wellington fer sure. It's supposed to be the art and funk capital of NZ, with a street that seems a bit reminiscent of my beloved Commercial Drive (it's called Cuba Street!).
Later all...

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