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Friday, January 30, 2004

Now it looks like my little Kairkoura road trip is going to be delayed :(
However, that's because I may be going on a tramping (hiking) trip to the South of the Island!! :>
It's called the Routeburn...
and no, we're NOT taking the tour from the link above... we're just renting some huts for a few bux a night. This link might give better info, since it's by the govt.
Plan to leave next Thursday night, hike Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and return Sunday night. Pretty packed trip, but I'm not planning it. Going with Stefan, another Brad, and someone else (don't know them yet) from Tait.

And here are some pics, for fun. The first one is to show off the surrealist quality that our camera can take on sometimes. If the lighting is just right, it really mucks up the CMOS, I guess (have to ask the semiconductor guys at the lab sometime...)

And this one is for all you activists out there. The sign says "Civil Defence" with an arrow pointing left. I guess it's someone's way of making the point, but the funny thing is that it's right by a school... guess they have some fairly liberal teachers.

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