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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Not too much going on right now... it's just too hot outside! I'll hit the beach tomorrow.
I'll be putting up some pictures from our Bowron lakes trip this summer 2002. A little late, but better late then never. And my fish Gus died :< He was kinda acting weird since I got him in any case... ask Emillie. Well Jack and Meg are doing ok (named for the white stripe down one of Meg's sides). Think that Gus, who was a Bronze fin-tail goldfish, just had too much excitement on the trek back from the pet store. We had them in a bag on the handlebar of the tandem.
Oh, and I'm finally getting started in my languages for our Europe trip. Guten tag! Ich bin au Vancouver. Ich wohner au Christchurch.
Need to brush up on my Russian too though... ochen trudnaya, kogda ya chitaet v german ee russkee!

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