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Monday, January 19, 2004

Finally got over to Lyttelton. I went on a trip this past Saturday afternoon. It was nice out, and I just had new gears put on my bike (finally! I can change 1 gear at a time!).

This first pic is at the pass between Lyttelton and Christchurch. Man, is the way down ever quick... I had a wind at my back for the whole way down, and could have easily passed the cars I was following.

This one is looking down the bay towards the Pacific, after getting down the hill.

And this one is looking in the other direction, East.

This is a pic of a little inlet on the way up the bay to Lyttelton. Thought the boats were cool.

And here is a village across from Lyttelton. Can't remember the name right now...

Lyttelton is older than Christchurch, and has nice buildings, but it's rather compact and has no central area to take a photo of (that I found, anyways). It is the main port for the South Island however, and thus has a lot of activity. I thought that this loader was interesting... it was capable of stacking 3 railway boxes on top of each other. The drivers were as frantic as ants, unloading a freshly arrived cargo ship.

And on my way back, I went through Sumner. Here is a pic of Sumner as viewed from the top of the pass.

Later all.

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