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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Well, here I am... in Christchuch, New Zealand. A good end to the first week. Everyone was super helpful (the big boss even picked me up at the airport!) is helping me setup. My unit is not the one I expected, but very nice nonetheless (see the Hollyhock cottage at Went out yesterday to explore the downtown of the city and took a few pictures. I'll post them once I have them developed (no fancy digital camera for me... yet). I plan to go out today to the beach and finish the roll of film, so sometime next week I should have the new pictures up.
Got big plans for my site now. This isn't gonna be like before, when I just had the page just to have presence on the 'net... this one will actual add to the international clutter! Plan is to have a huge biking website, primarily focusing on the tours that Emillie and I have and will do. All in planning, but something good will happen this time! It will be a work in progress, with the trip and bike related info. posted as it comes in. Should be good though...

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