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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I've got my first roll of film developed and posted in the pictures section... should have it all organized and labelled within the next few days. They are pictures from my bike trip through downtown Christchurch and to New Brighton beach. Very nice; it's just more and much older than Victoria is. Some of the buildings are very impressive and kept in excellent condition. When Emillie arrives, we'll probably do some tours into areas like the Cathedral, so I'll hopefully have some pictures of that then.
Everything at Tait is going well. I'm right back into my thesis work (thankfully) and should have a first paper ready before the New Year. Then starting the next paper. Here's hoping that everything stays on track!
By the way, the company I'm working for is Tait Electronics.
Oh, and climbing at the YMCA is nice. It's the biggest climbing gym in Christchurch, but the walls are all of a nice height (~20-25m?). They are also very slack about lead climbing in their gym... my first time there, they let another guy teach me how to lead! It was great, since it was first time leading. Would like to take some lessons though... old habits die hard!

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