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Monday, October 28, 2002

Wow, did we ever luck out last night! We were on our way downtown to hook up with some friends who were on a pubcrawl. After getting a call from them from a club on a cellphone, with T or Spud (couldn't tell which) relaxingly trying to tell me he had no clue where he was, except that it ended in a '6', we decided we might as well try find them. Walking down Commercial Drive at 8, and stumbling upon the 'Parade of the Lost Souls' was not expected. It was so intense! There were thousands of people, some in costume, some not, and some volunteers. Performers on stilts, belting out olde English skits (there was even a guy in a very convincing devil costume on a podium trying to convince us to vote for him) and fire jugglers... anything you could think of! 7 deadly sins personified, lots of drum players marching with dancers all around, carrying torches or lit pumpkins on the end of staves. Unreal! I can't wait till next year...

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